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CRRCSim is a flight simulator program for radio control airplane models
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CRRCSim is a flight simulator program for radio control airplane models.
The Charles River Radio Control Flight Simulator (CRRCSim) simulates the flight of many RC airplane models. It counts with many models and these are located and ordered into different categories like electric, F3F, Flying wings, Foamies, Sports, etc. It allows controlling or setting different environment variables like the wind and thermals factors providing different environment scenarios. It also lets you control some launch conditions like the altitude, relative velocity and the vertical angle.
This RC flight simulator provides other configurations like the input controls which indicate if the mouse, keyboard or a pad will control the airplane; audio and video also can be configured according to you requirements and desired performance. Also it allows controlling the zoom, and toggling between different modes. The program provides only two locations to flight your airplane.
Its GUI is simple and friendly to users. It will require some practice to have a good control of the aircrafts. Its installation process is easy to perform and no additional libraries or programs are needed. Its documentation is not very detailed, however on its website there is more documentation on their wiki and forums to get more information.
CRRCSim works on Windows 98/2000/XP platforms.

Ricardo Zayola
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  • CRRCSim is a flight simulator for RC airplanes that provides many good features making simulation closer to a real environment. It provides a large list of RC airplane models


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